Alessandro FLACCO, PhD.

Maître de Conférence de l'ENSTA
Chercheur au Laboratorie d'Optique Appliquée
Personne Compétente en Radioprotection

Tel. +33 (0)1
Fax. +33 (0)1

Research Activities

I am an experimental physicist and I am interested in high peak power laser, laser-plasma physics and in particle acceleration and detection.

I am responsible for the LOA to the SAPHIR project, an industrial/academic partnership aiming to study the feasability of a laser driven proton accelerator for medical interest.

Other interests include radioprotection, systems and automation, coding, opensource *-ware (soft-, hard-, cooking-, lab-, etc..).

In collaboration with other researchers I am working on the neutrino project, which aims to develop a reliable and fast open-source workbench for image manipulation dedicated to the plasma physics.

Teaching Resourches

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